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Jimi CandyThese are snacks with THC/pot/marijuana in them. They are made in California where pot is legal.
This is part of brother Leon Hendrix's efforts to market various products (mostly cannibus related) using the Hendrix name and Jimi's image that has been an embattled lawsuit between Leon and Janie for the past few years.

''Kieler Nachrichten'' September ' 70
Kieler Nachrichten 1970

hendrix_vinyl_happynewyear       Marshall Stacks Besitzer: Thomas Nolde

Hendrix Brothers' Coffee
Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll and COFFEE, Guitar legend is more than a
Jolt of electric guitar, it is a jolt of ESPRESSO.
It was 1968 and Jimi was back in Seattle to do a show in Vancouver. Jimi had just bought dad a new 1968 Chevy Malibu and asked us to go to the show. On the way we were all getting hungry so we decided to stop by Denny's. We walked in, sat down and waited for a waitress. Of course from the moment we walked in all eyes were looking at us...except for the waitress. We sat and watched while others were being served all around us. Jimi never complained. During the waiting time a young girl appeared at the table and asked Jimi for his autograph. Jimi smiled and graciously signed his autograph for the young girl. Meanwhile it seemed that the whole restaurant had gathered at our table. It seem to be a good hour before the manager came and ask if there was anything that he could get for us; Jimi replied; "yes, a CUP OF COFFEE would be nice".
We are proud to announce the launching of the HENDRIX BROTHERS' COFFEE a joint venture with BLACK DOT COFFEE as a part of Legends of Music series. This coffee venture is the first of its kind. We have spared nothing in creating the greatest coffee experience for you, with three distinctive 100% Arabica coffee flavors to choose from;
"KISS THE SKY" is our flagship espresso roast.
A northern Italian style with a sweet smooth caramel finish, heavy bodied, sweet brew with a thick crema and an intense, distinctive flavor profile.
A smooth espresso; one of the best morning brews you will ever have. Both a great drip blend and a strong espresso with a rich flavor profile of only the finest beans in the world.
This is a great French roast, dark and strong with a hint of spice. To taste is everything, so feel free to contact us for a FREE sample and more information about our coffee.
A portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to the Jimmy Hendrix foundation.
Hendrix Brothers Coffee

Legendary rocker JIMI HENDRIX once filled in for ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK's unwell guitarist - but hid behind the stage curtains so the audience wouldn't realise who was playing.
The late PURPLE HAZE star was touring Britain with Humperdinck in the 1960s when the unnamed musician fell ill just before show time.
And, while Hendrix's unparallelled musical prowess saved the day, his identity couldn't be revealed for fear of distracting the audience away from Humperdinck's performance.
Indian Humperdinck - real name ARNOLD GEORGE DORSEY - says, "That was my first UK tour and CAT STEVENS was also on the bill.
"Jimi was an incredible performer, he had loads of energy and used to play his guitar with his teeth.
"He saved my bacon once when my guitarist fell ill just before the show was due to start. 'Don't worry,' he said, 'I'll play for you.'
"I told him he couldn't just walk on stage with me - he was much too big a star.
"So he played behind the curtain. It sounded as though I had three guitarists instead of one that night."

Hi Here are some thoughts for your site.
After experiencing a number of years in time I was aware that sudden OEureka¹ moments of discovery , invention, inspiration, creation etc can happen. The basic magic of my guitar system first came to me whilst working out the chords for pop song. I soon called it my Secret Magic Guitar Fingering System. I found that many of the tunes I was previously unable to play fitted into the magic system !
I was really surprised though when Jimi¹s Little Wing seemed to be a perfect tune to showcase my new (or perhaps not so new) system. The way I approached Little Wing was not an obvious standard Hendrix way of chord playing. I have never seen any footage of Jimi playing Little Wing and there do not seem to be many live recordings either.
Jimi¹s inspiration for the track does seem somewhat mysterious though. According to the South Saturn Delta (SSD) CD notes. Jimi is quoted as saying, OThe origin of Little Wing stretched back to Greenwich Village during the Summer of 1966. The notes also say that Hendrix found further inspiration at the Monterey Pop Festival June 1967, where I note that he spent time with Brian Jones.
A recording entitled Little Wing made October 14 1967 sounded like more like OAngel¹. Then eleven days later the October 25 1967 master version included on OAxis², Ounderwent a dramatic transformation¹ (SSD). The Axis Outakes (AO) CD notes that Oit is well documented that Jimi somehow managed to leave the original mixes for side one of the album in a London cab¹.

Jimi Hendrix
Von Philip Schiffmann
Zum Gedenken an einen toten Freund von uns Hendrix, teils indianischer, teils negroider Abstammung, kaufte sich mit 16 Jahren für ca. fünf Dollar seine erste Gitarre, hatte aber sein Leben lang die Schwierigkeit, Gitarren umbauen zu müssen, weil er Linkshänder war. 1962 wurde er beim Militär wegen zu waghalsiger Manöver als Fallschirmspringer entlassen. Nach Spielen in den verschiedensten Bands, wird am 5.10.1966 in London die ?Jimi Hendrix Experience? geboren. Erster Auftritt in Evreux/Frankreich. Hendrix sang und spielte begnadet Gitarre in dem er jede Tonmöglichkeit ausnützte, Rückkoppelung- und Dröhneffekte, Sirenen- und Maschinengewehrimitationen eingeschlossen. Sein Auftritt in Woodstock (18.8.1969, 13.00GT), mit der Amerikanischen Nationalhymne als Protest gegen den Vietnamkrieg, ist längst zur Legende geworden und sollte wieder und wieder von jedem Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika gehört werden. Interviewer, die ihn auf der Bühne gesehen hatten, fürchteten sich vor dem anschließenden Interview und waren erstaunt, einen freundlichen, höflichen und auskunftsbereiten Mann vorzufinden, der keinerlei Ähnlichkeit mit dem tobenden Bühnenmonster hatte. Als er zum ersten Mal Bob Dylan hörte, meinte er, wie jemand mit solcher Stimme singen könne, doch nachdem er die Texte gehört hatte, wurde er ein richtiger Bob Dylan Fan. Sein Genius erweist sich vielleicht am besten in seinem Ausspruch, dass er alles, was in seinem Kopf sei, leider nicht in die Gitarre bringe. Er starb unter ungeklärten Umständen an einer Schlafmittelvergiftung in London am 18.9.1970 vormittags. Jimi Hendrix 27.11.1942, 17.04GT, Seattle 47N36 122E20

Feuersonne, Feuerascendent.
Vielleicht erklärt sich uns die im 12. Haus stehende Sonne, wenn man weiß, dass Hendrix vor jedem Auftritt von den größten Sorgen geplagt wurde, ob es wohl gelingen würde. Er stand auf der Bühne und die Ängste wurden ihm durch die ungeheuere Potenz eines Plutos genommen (Trigon) und durch die von ihm gebrachte Arbeit (Sextil). Während das 2. Haus immer mit Haben und Erhalten gedeutet wird, bekommt das 8. Haus bei den meisten Astrologen ausschließlich die Bedeutung des Verlierens, doch es wird völlig übersehen, dass der Gegensatz zum Erhalten auch das Geben ist. Und Jimi gab uns! Nicht umsonst wird das 8. Haus auch der Esoterik zugeordnet. Dass Neptun, der Herr von 3 in 9 steht, braucht wohl keine Erklärung, denn seine Musik kam aus dem Kopf. Und dieser Neptun hat 4 Aspekte, dessen Sextil zur Sonne in 12 sagt, dass er nicht geplant nach Noten spielte, es kam einfach aus ihm heraus. Und was da herauskam: Neues, Verrücktes, anderes, aber Geliebtes, denn das Uranus-Trigon kam aus 5. Und die Verbindung zwischen Mond und Neptun finden wir immer wieder bei großen Musikern, am markantesten wohl bei Johann Sebastian Bach, der sie als Herr von 1 und Herr von 10 in Konjunktion am MC stehen hat. (Julianisch !!). Oft und oft finde ich bei Todeshoroskopen, dass der Herr von 4 eine Rolle spielt bei der Art und den Umständen des Todes. Es scheint mir, dass wir vom IC zum MC gehen, um unseren Lebensweg zu machen und hernach wieder umkehren, um dorthin zu gehen, woher wir gekommen sind. Das würde bei Hendrix durch das Mars-Neptun-Halbquadrat eine Erklärung für den mysteriösen Tod durch Vergiftung geben. Dass er seinen Lebensweg nicht vollenden konnte, sagt uns das Halbquadrat des Herrn von 8 zum MC.

Empty Cigarette Packs Owned by Jimi Hendrix Sell for $331.51, Hendrix Strat Fetches Over $128,000 http://www.stratcollector.com/corner/archives/000295.html
November 21, 2004 Empty Cigarette Packs Owned by Jimi Hendrix Sell for $331.51, Hendrix Strat Fetches Over $128,000 November 20/21, 2004. The date this story takes place depends upon where you live. I'm watching the Cooper Owen "Jimi Hendrix Part I" auction from Portugal where, as Lot 153 comes up it's almost 1:30 AM on the 21st. Not a bad time of day if you're watching the auction from Los Angeles where it's only 5:30 PM and still the 20th. Started watching the auction via eBay Live about two-and-a-half hours ago. Want to see what happens with Lot 195, the Hendrix Stratocaster. Meanwhile, quite a bit of music festival memorabilia has come up for sale, and a number of photographs of Hendrix. A few of the photos are very dramatic.
But what's really caught my eye is Lot 173 that will be up in just a few minutes. Here's the description from Cooper Owen: Lot 173 Two empty packs of 'Salem' cigarettes originally form [sic] the collection of Hendrix' friend Sharon Lawrence The lot is accompanied by a typed signed letter from Lawrence reading 'My friend Jimi Hendrix smoked the cigarettes in these empty Salem packets during 1970. The empty packs were found in a bag of his belongings he gave me to store for him during that year. US$440-580 [Cooper Owen estimate of the lot's value] *** That's right, two empty packs of cigarettes. See for youself: Lot 173. Here comes Lot 173 now... - the Salem cigarette packs go for 180 GBP, or about $331.51 USD. A bit short of the value estimate, but not bad for two empty celebrity owned cigarette packs.
A little more time to kill before the Hendrix Strat comes up. There goes a pair of Noel Redding's eyeglasses...close to $600. The auction's taking place in London at the Marquee Club, but thanks to modern technology, anyone can watch the bidding action (and bid if so inclined) via eBay Live. Lot 195... The Hendrix Strat sells for 70,000 GBP, approximately $128,919 USD. Five bids, all from the auction floor at the Marquee.

Jimi Hotel München Jimi's Hotelanmeldung München

.... interesting news about hendrix were written in newspaper:
The Hendrix family bought a 2 hour b/w film footage of Hendrix Woodstock performance, that was filmed by a guy named Albert Goodman, for 95000$. This ain't audience footage - the guy was ON STAGE 3 meters near Hendrix, left to Mitch Mitchell. Goodman has kept the film for over 30 years.
Hope they will release it.

Jimi Hendrix covert Bob Dylan ! Aus den späten Sechzigern stammen einige Coversongs, in denen Rock-Musikern erstmals eine d e u t l i c h e Verfeinerung gelang. Aus dem mehr oder weniger originalgetreuen Nachspielen entwickelte sich mitunter eine hohe Kunst der musikalischen W e i t e r e n t w i c k l u n g , des radikalen individuellen Umformungsprozesses. Bestes Beispiel: Jimi HENDRIX, der Dylans knochentrockenes ''All along the Watchtower'' in elektrische Ekstase verwandelte! Nach solch funkensprühender Kreativität muss man im 21.Jahrhundert sehr lange suchen....!

Here is a scan of one of my Barclay Box ELL vinyl labels from '70-74, (the box cover was signed by Eddie K) It is the only place I know of where ELL is refered to as a Volume! Volume #3 & 4. And ARE? and Axis are Volume #1 & 2. owner: mark j.

BarclayI have a simple belt drive Pioneer turntable into a 4 year old Pioneer receiver. I bought a new needle. From the tape moniter outs to the pc into a ESS Audiodrive sndcrd; into Cool Edit 2000 Lite. Before I recorded it I watched the rec levels for the R n L. I adjusted it on the Windows Rec Vol dials. It's weird to say the least, using headphones i tried to get it perfect. The levels were allready perfect :) I barely adj it. I had to get the whole wave (the entire side of the record) at the highest db without one CLIP! This is easy if you listen n watch the entire side go by first. 1 washed the rubber platter cover under water 2 used a damp wash cloth to clean the top of the rec player 3 cleaned the record with a brand new Discwasher brand wooden thingamabob 4 trial n error got the brand new needle at a slightly heavier weight 5 turned the anti-skating feature to near max (this helped alot more or less by accident) I have cement floors so no floor vibrations (also belt drive turntables have no rumble) Then i was ready i let er rip without one paniky adjustment. THE ELL WAVE Sitting in Cool Edit I had only about 300 mb left on the hrdrv. Every cut n paste of the song tracks used more memory. It made a copy of it before it saved it so for a split second there are two copies. It was touch n go sometimes. I did not alter the segways between the songs except twice on any of the four records. Ultimaly the side changes were shortened to approximate the average length of the other segways. Accidentaly making it possible for ELL to fit on an 80min cdr. My PC's max is 77:53. ELL is 76:16 & ARE/Axis is XX:XX. What a relief!! I went to burn it and was actually holding my breath hoping Easy CD Creater 4 on my Teac W54E would let it take hold specially because I added two tracks to ELL. I added Jimi's voice, reversed and speeded up from the begininng part of And The Gods Made Love; "OK one more time". Then I put in that song, but backwards. Mostly because it's cool either way and it is back to front or..umm.. front to back with itself. In other words when the cd ends the end is just the beginning, backwards again. After the wave was done, :/ With a thorough listen I realized how great it came out!! I'm thinking "I gotta spread this around" I figured I had to take out every pop. Only two medium pops on all four records!! Both occurred in spots that made it easy to edit out without being audible. I challenge any one to find any edits. The more numerous "light dusty crackles", of which there were only...umm...around a dozen, were removed. I could hear them but I couldn't see them until i zoomed in on the offending section. I just de-amplified it down to the surounding wave on either side of it. THE ARE/AXIS WAVE What's there to say? The records were in perfect shape except for the start of two of the four sides being a tinee tiny bit dusty for about 5 seconds. Big deal huh, these four records are 30 years old!!!!! Third Stone is incredible. ps Eddie Kramer held the vinyl in his hands taking one out to see the label, commenting "I don't know who these Suns & Rainbows are?" I couldn't beleive my eyes!!? He signed the box "nice find dude!" two days earlier at the first seminar, but here he was holding his own work! :) A release he had never seen before or knew existed

Tony Brown Jimi Hendrix Archives 28 Chadwick Square Seabank, King's Lynn Norfolk, England, PE30 2LT

Jimis Son

27 nov 42 Jimi Hendrix born,
05 Oct 43 Eva Sundqvist Born, daughter of opera singer Erik Sundqvist (died Spring 76) and wife Barbo, type '0' blood sample takev from Jimi during his period with the American army.
May 67 Eva Sundqvist student, exits a No10 tram at the Stureplan, in Stockholm, a young man with indian looks asks her the way to the Konserthuset. he tells her his name is Jimi Hedrix, but she can't relate anything in partular to that name. several months later Eva is its a record shop on the Swedish west coast, and buys a record with Jimi's picture on it; thus recognizing this man as the one she bad spoken with in Stockholm in May. and so she starts getting into the music,,.
04 Sep 67 two concert appearances at Grona Lund in Stockholm, prior to the gigs, Eva sent a letter and a rose and a request for Jimi to play a certain song from his latest record. and so he does as wished by "my Eve" Jan 68 Goteborg. Hotel Opalen incident. after a quick trial, Jimi pays 10,000 Swedish crowns to cover the damages,
08 Jan 68 two concert appearences at the Konserthuset in Stockholm. prior to the gigs Eva had sent a new letter and another rose. Jimi dedicates a whole concert to her, and her rose appears on his guitar. after the gigs, Eva meets Jimi at the stage exit and together with some gther musicians they go to the restaurant Gyllene Cirkelen. and then later to a party at TV producer Peter Goldman's place. Thereafter Eva "l wrote many letters to him (Jimi) in London, but Jimi never replied. But when one of his radio programs was broadcast in Sweden, I heard how he occasionally sang allusions to our mutual experiences. In another radio program he dedicated a record to me which was released in 19 68 continuation of the same Swedish article states: Earlier, Jimi had dedicated a record to Eva with the Title "Burning or The Midnight Lamp". Her name is also on "Electric Land"
09-Jan 69 two concert appearances at the Konserthuset in Stockholm. more roses. Eva and her mother attend the first show, after the second showt Jimi and Eva go to his hotel, the Hotel Carlton a female resale Journalist interviews Jimi in his room. Jimi tells her that he had gotten flowers from a Swedish girl. when Eva enters the room, Jimi says: she (Eva) gave me the flowers. the Journalist leaves at 00.30 and Jiml and Eva are alone together till 05.30 then Eva leaves the hotel, Eva has made love for the first time. James Daniel Sundqvist (Jimi Hendrix Jr.) is conceived Eva Sundqvist Jimi Hendrix Jr. 2- Therafter as soon as Eva learns she is pregnant, she writes to Jimi in London. she gets no reply
05 Oct 69 James Daniel Sundqvist is born in either Allmana BB (Public Maternity Hospital) or in Soders Jukhuset (South Hospital). after the birth of JDS Eva decides not to reveal who the farther is. Eva "But I wrote his name on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope, which only was permitted to be opened in case something happened to me. I didn't want Jimi to have the trouble a fatherhood would bring. My child welfare officers, Agneta Gustavsson and Birgitta Dahlin, demanded finally that I should tell them who the father was. Otherwise I would not get any advance maintenance payment." in that situation and after Hendrix's death, Eva goes to lawyer Leif Silbersky to begin paternity proceedings.
31 Aug 70 concert appearance at Grona Lund in Stockholm. Eva sees Jimi at the Tivoli and Jimi asks "How is he (meaning the child). Eva later states that Jimi was supposed to go home with her to see his son, but Jimi couldn't get away from the girl fans and the journalists" thus Jimi never sees his son before Jimi dies... After Jimi's death Eva is interviewed by an English Sunday paper and she "revealed" their "secret love" and "Little Jimi". she tells the paper about love letters, how they met secretly in Sweden or in other places in Europe, and that they had planned that Jimi would come to Stockholm in autumn of 1970 to see his son.
Jan 72 Eva begins paternity case in Swedish district court. Eva's lawyer is Leif Silbersky. At some point Leo Branton, lawyer for the Jimi Hendrix estate, asks lawyer Elin Lavritzen in Stockholm to speak for the Hendrix family in the Swedish courts. a romantic girl's imaginations is the defending side' Judgement of Eva's statement that Jimi was the father of her son,
16 Dec 75 Swedish district court unanimously establishes James Daniel Sundqvist as the son of Jimi Hendrix. according to Swedish law, JDS is thus entitled to Jimi's whole inheritance. American laws are different Leif Silbersky will try to negotiate a compromise.
Dec 75 Leo Branton states that under American law, JDS has no chanee Of paternity or inheritance.
Dec 75 Al Hendrix sends a message to Leif Silbersky saying that JDS has no chances of paternity or money. Ap/May 76 Al Hendrix changes his mind and decides to acknowledge the legitimacy of JDH without American Judicial proof. Al guarantees a monthly support and wants Eva and son to visit the Hendrix family in America. Eva Sundqvist Jimi Hendrix Jr - -3- week prior to
30 Sep 76 Swedish court of appeals unanimously upholds
Dec 75 judgement of the district court. female Journalist gives witness to the events of
09 Jan 69, paternity papers are finally granted. despite Al Hendrix's change Of hearten no money has yet been forth coming, Leif Silbersky to negotiate, the Hendrix family could demand that the case is taken to the Swedish supreme court. Eva is afraid to go to America with her son as she's certain he will become a kidnapping target/victim. is further afraid of going to any big cites outside Of Sweden.
15 Aug 77 Swedish supreme court rules in favor of Eva Sundqvist; althought among other things, the court acknowledges that there doesn't seem to be any (written':') statement from Jimi that he has ever even know Eva Sundqvist.
Dec 78 Leif Silbersky, Leo Branton and the Hendrix family agree that Jimi Jr. and Eva get 4 million Swedish kroner (nearly 1 million, American dollars). Eva; "I wrote to Jimi immediately after the birth telling him he had become a father. I also send him some photos. After his death, they found the photos of our son. I refused to reveal the father of my child. I didn't want to disturb Jimi. I understood that he never had time to write to me. But he answered in his onto way through his songs.
Jimi, died on September 18, 1970. I didn't hear the news until the day after. My mother served me breakfast in bed. Without her saying a word I knew what had happned. In the night I had been feeling sad. Many hours I sat and sang our songs. I knew that something dreadful had happened. "Without 'Little Jimi' I wouldn't have won 'the bat tle. It was several months before I could listen to a song. I'll never meet anyone like Jimi again. On the other hand, I don't know if we could have lived together. But we planned that 'Little Jimi' and I would move over to him in London or New York. "Perhaps love is a bit unreal. I was 10 years older than the usual fans. I didn't like Jimi because he was famous and rich. "If we get any money, I will donate it to a scholarship fund. 'Little Jimi' and I manage On my salary. But one thing no one can take away from me: the memory of the times we were together, even if it was just a couple Of hours." Notes Eva Sundqvist has a Bachlor of Arts degree. When Jimi Jr was younger, Eva worked at a data firm. She currently works at home (to be closer to Jiml Jr,) with 'market research'. It has recently been reported in UV that James Daniel Sundqvist finally got a settlement from the new admin. But this appears to be untrue. No settlement has yet been made according to his own family.

Jimi Hendrix vor Gericht in Toronto/Canada ( Gerichts-Protokoll )

Da Jimi vor seiner eigenen Karriere in Bands mit Bläsern (Little Richard, Ike and Tina Turner,Isley Brothers) gespielt hat, soll er seine Gitarre in Es anstatt in E gestimmt haben.
dh. Es / As / Des / ges / b / es
010er ( evtl 009er) oderSaitenbespannung und auf die g-Position eine 011er h Saite
Durch diese Stimmung mit den dicken Saiten folgender Effekt : GUTES SAiTENSUSTAiN und trotzdem LEiCHTES ZiEHEN UND NiCHT VERGESSEN er hatte immer STRATivaris mit TREMOLO Ausnahme war diese Flying Arrow ,allerdings auch mit Tremolo Durch ?"american"? Tremolo eiert der Ton schon von alleine.

Jimi Hendrix: Anti-War Forever by Douglas Herman

Jimi and Woodstock
There were perhaps more changes in American society during the 1960's than in any other decade of the century. And of all the events of those years, none was more emblematic of the counterculture than brought about so much of that change than the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, held in Bethel, NY, in mid-August of 1969. I was there, and I've written some memories here of what was simply the wildest party ever on Planet Earth. I don't think anyone who was at Woodstock was ever quite the same afterwards. Lots of people, including me, took psychedelic drugs at Woodstock, and, truth to tell, enjoyed themselves. But still, nothing in this reminiscence should be taken as an endorsement of illegal drug use-acid in particular can be very dangerous for some people in spite of recorded herapeutic benefits to others. Good health and spirituality, I have long believed, is the greatest high there is. - G.W.

On Thursday, August 14th, 1969, my Argentinean girlfriend, Patty, and her two brothers, Claudio and Sergio, pulled up in front of my house in Glen Rock, New Jersey and picked me up. Packing food, camping equipment, and mind-altering substances, we drove north up through Bergen County in New Jersey on Route 17. We were headed for the Woodstock festival in Bethel, New York, which, judging from the lineup of performers on the bill, promised to be the best rock concert we had ever seen. The artists included Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Johnny Winter, Santana, Ravi Shankar, Credence Clearwater Revival, Joe Cocker, Joni Mitchell, The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young-a Who's Who of late 60's music gods. About 30,000 people were expected to attend the three-day event. I was a 17 year old high school student studying classical guitar at the time, but was still a rock and folk fan anyway. For the past two years I had been getting into the hippy scene by growing my hair and speaking the hipster patios, participating in antiwar demonstrations, and reading the literature of the counterculture. And like most everyone else in the new 'revolution', I was also smoking pot and dropping LSD. Not only was the music going be good, but my friends and I were going to scrape the stratosphere this time. As we got closer to Bethel we hit a traffic jam on Route 17B. Evidently more people were showing up than expected. Traffic was still moving, but slowly, and the party atmosphere was starting already. People were riding on the hoods of the crawling cars, and bantering back and forth in between their vehicles. We turned off onto a dirt road and entered Max Yasgur's diary farm. A gently sloping field on the property formed a large natural amphitheater, and a stage had been constructed at the foot of the hill. The farm had chosen for the concert after plans to hold it in Wallkill, NY, had fallen through. As we got closer to the site we learned that so many people had already arrived that the crowd had torn down the fences enclosing the festival grounds. Everyone was being allowed in for free. Tickets would have cost $18 per person for the weekend, but now we could keep our money. We proceeded along the road, which turned to the right and ran in back of the stage and then up a hill, found a campsite, and got out and pitched our tents. Several friends from our hometown area in Bergen County were going to be there, so after encamping we wandered around for the rest of the evening and eventually located them in the crowd. We then made plans to meet the following day to watch the concert as a group. One of them had joined the Hog Farm, a hippy commune in Taos, New Mexico, and I found him strolling around in a brown woolen monk's habit, rope belt and all. (The Hog Farmers had arrived in a psychedelically painted school bus, Road Hog, that was the second such bus ever painted-the first was the famous 'Further' bus of the Merry Pranksters- and was a piece of 'sixties history all by itself. To their credit, the Hog Farm was to perform a great service to the festival by distributing free food and trying to calm down the many people who were having bad acid trips). Early on Friday afternoon about a dozen of us got together and spread out some blankets on the grass at a spot about a third of the way up the hill on stage right, and then dropped LSD. I took Orange Sunshine, a now legendary type of acid that was very strong and pure. It also had been produced in enormous quantities, and the whole country was flooded with it that summer. We smoked some tasty black hashish to amuse ourselves while waiting for the acid to hit, and sat back to groove along with Richie Havens. In two hours we were all soaring, and everything was just fine. In fact, it couldn't have been better-there I was, with my beautiful girlfriend and all my hometown friends, higher than a church steeple and listening to wonderful music in the cool summer weather of the Catskills. After all, the dirty little secret of the late 'sixties was that psychedelic drugs taken in a pleasant setting could be completely exhilarating. I seem to recall that the festival opened with an invocation by a Hindu monk, Swami Satchidananda, but a check of the actual schedule doesn't tally with that. He was extolling the concert as a holy gathering in his melodious Indian accent. I listened to him and thought that it was all bullshit. This was going to be a huge drug party, pure and simple, and to masquerade it as a spiritual gathering seemed phony to me. I was starting to read some books on Yoga and Zen, and I knew the difference between the contemplative traditions of the world's major religions and what Woodstock was shaping up to be. That attitude was destined to change, because although Woodstock certainly was the psychedelic spree of all time, it turned out to be much more than just that. As we sat enjoying the music and taking drags off of the joints and swigs off of the wine bottles that kept coming around, the crowd continued to swell. More and more longhairs kept arriving-I couldn't believe how widespread the whole hippy thing had gotten as evidenced by the size and appearance of the crowd. There were guys in tie-dyed shirts and bellbottom trousers, girls in granny dresses with long hair parted down the middle, and they all looked under 30. The afternoon wore on, and it became obvious that something completely unexpected had happened. Although the exact size of the crowd was unknown, it was reckoned to be at least in the six figures by the people on the stage as opposed to the tens of thousands that were supposed to have shown up. Later we learned it had been around half a million-the third largest city in New York State had sprung up like a mushroom. What we didn't know was that there were only 12 police officers in the area at the time, and that the squares who were running the state government were getting very worried about the entire situation. Route 17 and even the New York State Thruway were now closed because of the huge traffic jam caused by the thousands more attempting to reach Bethel, and it was no longer possible to get in or out of the festival by car. This was the first revelation of Woodstock-the sheer size that the counterculture had grown to. Every town had it's hippies, but now enormous numbers of us had massed in one area. Friday afternoon brought home to everyone there how broad-based the movement really had become. By this time I was 'peaking,' as they used to say, and everything looked like I was seeing it through a fisheye lens. Arlo Guthrie came on and launched into an insane monologue having something to do with the Pharaoh-what was he talking about? He must have been tripping, too. Joan Baez followed to deliver a set of far more down to earth folk music And so it went till the wee hours. As you might imagine, my recollections of those three days are somewhat hazy (didn't comedian Robin Williams say that if you remember the late sixties, you probably weren't there?). I saw almost every act and can remember the music well, but as to the order in which the bands appeared, when and what I ate, or where and how much I slept, I can't recall. One thing that I remember was that the crowd was so large that trips to the portable toilets always required an endless stream of apologies as I accidentally stepped on peoples' feet and legs. Musically, my favorite artists were The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Santana, The Jefferson Airplane, and of course Jimi Hendrix, the undisputed heavyweight guitar champ of the time. But more on him later. The Who played their entire rock opera Tommy-a feat of memorization. Creedence rocked with total cohesion, Santana charmed with Latin rhythms and Carlos's serpentine guitar lines, and The Airplane radiated raw exuberance. But these are only the standouts-I think it's safe to say that Woodstock had the greatest lineup of performers in the history of rock. Problems arose. The announcer on the stage (at first it was Hog Farmer Hugh Romney, a.k.a. Wavy Gravy, then some other guy) kept telling everyone to avoid the brown acid-it was supposedly giving people bad trips. The Hog Farm's tent was getting flooded with acid freakout cases, and there were no facilities to deal with the medical emergencies of a spontaneously formed city of 500,000. And as I understand, the police were not arresting anyone for any reason, because a riot would have been impossible to control (however, other sources state there were some drug busts). None of that touched my friends or me, though. We had a wonderful time listening to the music, staying high, and making new friends. And this was the second revelation of Woodstock-the sense of brotherhood that developed as an entire crowd of young people high on psychedelics got acquainted with those sitting next to them or others met in randomly in the crowd. There was a feeling of immediate friendship, and the sense of a group mind at work. And that psychedelically inspired love that so many of the hippies really did seem to have at Woodstock and elsewhere is the probably the thing I miss the most about the late 60's. I spent Saturday spaced out from the acid bombardment of the previous night and can recall very few details other than the music and the mood of unbroken bliss. The Grateful Dead tried to play, but were hamstrung with technical problems from the rain. All we in the crowd heard was aimless riffing from the stage as the crew tied to fix things, but no one bothered to explain to us what the difficulty was. As a result, I mistakenly assumed this was the Dead's actual style of music. In fact, I thought they were so bad that I didn't see them again until 1983, when a guitar student of mine put a ticket to a show in Syracuse, NY in my hand and gave my a ride in his car (the Dead were great, and I became a belated fan). On Sunday there were rain showers in the afternoon, and the concert ground to a halt. I found refuge under a makeshift shelter of ponchos and tarps that some people had improvised, and the party rolled on. A blond guy with a bag of grass was stuffing pipes with it as fast as he could. He filled up mine, and then another friendly fellow cheerfully crumbled up several chunks of black hashish on top of the weed. I lit up, passed the pipe around, and forgot about the rain. Other folks were out in it having fun, though. By now there was mud everywhere. People were sliding around in it laughing, and some were naked. I remember wondering if all the mud spattered nudes were able to find their clothes afterwards. The show eventually resumed with Country Joe and the Fish. His famous "Fish" cheer got turned into "Fuck": Joe-"Give me an "F!" Crowd (in unison)- "F!" Joe-Give me a "U!" Crowd-"U!" Got it? Then, at Joe's prompting, we all shouted out the "F" word together. Some couples in the crowd reportedly started having sex right on the spot. The concert went on all night, and at 7 o' clock Monday morning the Jefferson Airplane came on. I was walking on the dirt road behind the stage as a very enthusiastic Grace Slick yelled, "Good morning, people!" and the band opened with "Volunteers of America." The audience returned the greeting with a tremendous roar. Last of all was Jimi Hendrix, the best musician to play at Woodstock. Most of the people had left on Sunday to get back to their jobs and families, so by now the crowd had dwindled to 30 or 40 thousand. Hendrix was in great form, and the crowning moment of his set was his bizarre rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner." I had heard that he had played it in Los Angeles earlier that summer, but didn't know what mayhem he had made with the tune. Recognizable passages of the anthem alternated with feedback- generated explosions and banshee wails, and Hendrix's dizzying guitar riffs. It was a stunning performance. Jimi finished, and Woodstock was finally over. We'd had the time of our lives. Aglow from it all, Patty, her brothers, and I made it back to Sergio's Chevy, broke camp, and drove back to New Jersey. When we got home we learned that the concert had been the top news story of the weekend. And also, something very unusual was reported about Woodstock-there had evidently been no violence observed there for the entire time (one fistfight was seen, according to another report). Three people were born, and two deaths had occurred-the statistical average for a city of half a million. But a city of that size also would have had a predictable number of violent crimes in a three-day period, and this simply didn't happen. Which was the third revelation of Woodstock - love had beaten the odds. The miracle of a multitude at peace with one another had occurred, and no one who was there will ever forget it.

MUSIC REVIEW Voodoo Childhood Re-experiencing the young Hendrix at EMP. by Charles R. Cross

Alan Greenspan vs. Jimi Hendrix money.cnn.com/2003/07/11/pf/saving/travel/greenspan_hendrix/index.htm

....a black musician from Murfreesboro called Roland Gresham, who taught Jimi Hendrix all the fancy blues stuff that he incorporated into his playing. They worked in a band together in Nashville before Jimi hit the big time. Roland teaches guitar at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro and plays blues and sings in a small cafe on the weekends and he is brilliant also.

...und wenn man Hendrix Live Aufnahmen (speziell authentische Filme) hört u/o sieht: Letzte Strophe Abschlag uuuuuuund krzssschhhhhhhhhhhhhxxxxxxxx Vor den Stücken auch. Das Geniale an Hendrix war ja, daß er zu seiner sehr guten Spieltechnik und seiner phänomenalen Vocal-Interpretation ( übrigens war er damals der einzige bekennende Bob Dylan Fan in der farbigen Musikerszene ) diese Geräusche,Rückkopplungen und Übersteuerungen beherrschte. Diese Kombination und sein Charisma machen Hendrix aus! Ein Spitzen-Beispiel: 3rd Stone from the Sun (für die Nicht-Astronomen Sonne-- 1.Merkur 2.Venus 3. Erde)

Had Hendrix lived, what direction would he have gone in? A question often asked but only ever answered in terms of music, and there was more to the man than music. He often spoke about music in highly unconventional terms and so this makes this question even harder to answer as he was the 'Big bang' of pop music - culture, and was going out in all directions, across all boundaries of what's possible. And some 30 years later many of the areas have simply not been explored, by anyone [in terms of musicians]. Obviously born with an innate understanding of mystical doctrines, as he's always using his own words, his metaphors to convey his concepts of what he had in mind. Concepts that at the time were regarded as 'far out', trippy...'outta site' "I want to get color into music- I'd like to play a note and have it come out in color." "I'm thinking of the days when people will be able to have this little room, a total audio-visual environment type of thing. So that you can go in there and lay back and the whole thing just blossoms with colour and sound. Like a reflection room. You can just go in and jingle out your nerves. It would be incredible if you could produce music so perfect that it would filter through you like rays, and ultimately cure." Always on the leading edge of technology, it'd be interesting to think what would have, could have done with the proliferation of electronics during the past 20 years, with a computer... Surely he would have found some of the scientific research, that has made some painfully slow progress in these areas ,[sound] absolutely fascinating. 'The psychological effects of color', and to him color and music were inseparable and it's quite interesting to think what might have been had he lived long enough to drop the 'rock n roll' image and develop the ideas he had. It is his death, and his alone that 'pop' music has suffered from and hasn't been the same since and may never be the same again. A loss so enormous was his, that we 'mortals' might not ever fully understand. We'll surely never see such an amazingly creative genius again in our lifetimes as these types of souls only seem to appear every century or two. So what would have Hendrix done had he lived? Wow, what a concept!

Hello -If Jimi were alive today I'd bet he would run and hide from this overcrowded super fast moving world- I remember thinking as a 9 year old how the death of this person was extra tragic not because of his music (which I obviously hadn't grasped hold of yet), but because of his dress, demeaner and his fans. They weren't just shocked they were instantly very sad or angry. I was lucky I had older siblings actually jamming in my basement. To Cream, Zepplin, Mahavishnu, Santana, and Yes. I knew Jimi was different but wasn't interested at the time. He was still a pop artist when all I heard was Traintime, Stair Way To Heaven, and jazz fusion jams etc. I just remember saying "uh oh, this dude was different and it's a dark day in music" It's no coincidence that the world went straight down hill ever since late ''70 imo -No more festivals-***-No more Jimi- Sept 18 R.I.P. Jimi

An extraordinary woman died . Freddie Mae Gautier's position on the Board of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference brought  her into regular contact with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.
She was also a lifelong friend of Jimi's. She baby sat him as an infant while Jimi lived at her mother's house in Seattle in 1942 and Jimi visited with her for several hours July 28, 1970 during his final trip to Seattle. Freddie Mae Gautier was 71 years old.

...................... interesting news about hendrix were written in newspaper: The Hendrix family bought a 2 hour b/w film footage of Hendrix Woodstock performance, that was filmed by a guy named Albert Goodman, for 95000$. This ain't audience footage - the guy was ON STAGE 3 meters near Hendrix, left to Mitch Mitchell. Goodman has kept the film for over 30 years.
Hope they will release it.

Real Story:
I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was 16 and already a big fan. I had just seen him play on May 1, 1970. I heard the terrible news on my way home from high school and did not believe it at first but when I got home the radio news confirmed it was true that Jimi had died. It felt as if my whole world collapsed at the time, I locked myself in my room and listened to all of the Jimi Hendrix albums that I owned. I don't think I even came out to eat dinner that night. Now, those tears are all dried up but I still celebrate the life and music of Jimi Hendrix every day but especially on the 18th of September and November 27th.
RIP, Jimi, we miss ya brother!

...and where were you??? Please mail to me if you like. Thx in advance. Regards Eckhard B.